DivorceCare Group


Bible Classes: 9:30pm | Worship Service: 10:30am | Small Groups: 5:30pm | Wednesday Night Service: 7pm

 April 24, 2023

 7:00 PM

 4025 College Ave Terre Haute, IN 47803

DivorceCare is for anyone who has experienced the pain of separation and/or divorce, whether it be recently or years ago. Each week the group will watch a video featuring various experts/counselors, etc., and people sharing their personal stories of navigating through these difficult experiences. The group is then invited to share any thoughts, feelings, or insights of their own. All discussion in the group is voluntary and confidential. 


This is a 13-week, video-based series, and childcare will be provided! We will meet every Monday from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Please contact Jon Smith with questions: 903-421-2951.